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 Story of an Artist

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Hi, I'm Josie - owner and creative laborer behind Chalk Chic Mama,  wife, stay-at-home mom boss, and a collaborator! I am a creative by nature and an Early Childhood Educator by profession.  I resigned my teaching career a few years ago to be home with our baby girl and hoped that my chalk art hobby might help provide for our family.  


Established in 2015, Chalk Chic Mama has been creating unique and personalized signs for special events, local businesses and people's homes.   I've been so blessed by sharing in the important moments and dreams of others, contributing to the success of their wedding day or a new business, and putting meaningful art on the walls of a home.  

 Created with my hands & my heart 

One of the most gratifying parts of this work has been meeting new people, getting to know them, and bringing some encouragement or support to their lives through the art that I create for them. Sign-making is my business but it is also very personal to me.  If you're curious about my work from someone else's perspective, be sure to check out the testimonials I've received from past clients.

Mr. & Mrs
Special Delivery
Chalk & Wine = My Happy Place
I can do uncomfortable.
Everyone needs creative space.
Mcglinn's Public House.
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